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Cat 44 Catamaran Club of Fort Lauderdale - Hobie Cat Fleet 44 Division 8


Cat 44 Annual Commodores Cup


We are looking forward to our annual Commodores Race this weekend 12/4/11. The current holders of the cup are Scott & Trace Corson, who made a miraculous come from behind victory last year. That being said the competition this year will be ferocious. The weather is unpredictable this time of year but if it holds true to form it should be extreme. Photos will be coming

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We are still compiling all of stories and adventures from our Cat44 MidWinters regatta. I will start by saying thanks to everyone that came. Please send any stories or general information you would like to share to ( and I will try to include them in our upcoming Regatta page.


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The amazing Fort Lauderdale beach - Home to Cat 44 sailing club

Fort Lauderdale South Beach is a beautiful strip of of white beach kissed by the Atlantic ocean. With the shallow continental shelf and the closeness of the Bahamas Islands, the beach is protected from large surf and this makes for easy launching through the surf, at any time of the year.

The warm Gulf Stream which makes its way up the coast from the Caribbean, ensures that our water temperature never drops below 70 degrees even in the winter.

Webcam of Hobie Beach, for a live feed of our beach check out the link.

Nautical Ventures Proud Sponsor of the 2011 Mid Winters regatta

With the great beaches, excellent launching conditions and warm water and weather all year round, it is no wonder that we consider ourselves the luckiest sailors on the planet. 


So if you are at all interested in sailing or just enjoying a great day on the beach, come on down and join us


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Hobie Cat sailors, kitesurfers and windsurfer coexist in harmony at fort Lauderdale South Beach




The beautiful Fort Lauderdale South beach

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