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Hobie Class Assn Entry Form

HCANA Membership is required for at least one person on each boat.

Entry Form



Skipper’s Name: _________________________________  Shirt Size_________

                                (First)                                         (Last)

Street: ____________________ City:____________________ State:__________


Zip Code___________________ HCA-NA member #______________________


Sail Number:____________________   Fleet _________


Phone Number (Home) ______-______-________  (cell) ______-______-_________


Crew: _____________________________    Shirt Size:____________


Hobie Class: Wave ___   14___  16(A)___  16(B)____ 16(C) ___ 17 ___ 18___ Tiger___ 20__      


Entry Fee


Single Handed ($75)_______ Includes one social ticket and one event Tee-Shirt.


Double Handed ($85)_______ Includes two social tickets and two event Tee-Shirts.


Youth (under 21) double handed ($50)__________ Includes one social ticket and one event Tee-Shirt.


Youth (under 21)single handed ($40)___________Includes one social ticket and one event Tee-shirt


A $20.00 late fee will apply after March 1rd 


_______ Additional Tee-Shirts @ $15 each

_______Additional Social tickets@ $22 each


Total Entry Fee including additional items $_____________


Race Notes

All participants must be registered with THE HOBIE CAT ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA.



Payment Instructions

Send check or money order attention:

 CAT 44 LLC 

2320 S.W. 36 Ave.

Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33312