Cat44 Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of Cat44 bestows many privileges and benefits to its members. it is by far the best value that $20 will ever buy you. These benefits include

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Strong' Willing and Helping Hands make light work

Cat44 Membership Benefits

  • Use of beach wheels to get your catamaran down to the waters edge!

  • Strong Willing and Able Helping Hands getting your boat back up the beach!

  • Superbly prepared Hot Dogs from the famous Dick Russell school of Beach Side Catering! The best hot dogs on the beach are Dicks

  • Invaluable invitations to the best parties around!

  • Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

  • Invitations to compete in the Cat44 classic annual races including Commodores Cup, Match Races etc!

  • your own personal email address - (please contact Danny for setup)

  • ALL FOR ONLY $20 per year - now that's a bargain!

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The Best Dogs on the Beach are Dicks!

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