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2004 Miami Key largo Race

Cat44 takes the first 7 Positions in the Hobie 16 Fleet in the 2004 Miami Key Largo Race - Way to go Cat44!

Cat 44 team members pose for a pre race photos

Danny Steyn and Stacey Tinsley push off for the start

Dick Russell and Hawk head out to the start line

Hunter and Kim Grummit are already on the line while Willie/Dave and Danny/Stacey head out

Eric Castelein crewing with Steve Maffetone

Coming to Card Sound bridge, Dick has a commanding lead over Scott, Willie and Danny


Dick and Hawk passing under Card Sound Bridge

Willie Stolberg and

Dave Martin

Scott and Tracee Corson

Danny and Stacey passing under the bridge in 4th place

Danny and Stacey sailing away from Card Sound Bridge

Sarah Newberry and ???????

Hunter and Kim

Doug and Debbie Russell

Corsair Trimaran under spinnaker on the way to the finish

Dick leads Scott


Robin and Sebastian Lewis sailing into 6th place

Bob Helping out as always - a big thanks from all of us at Cat44  to you Bob - you are always the first to help out and we really appreciate it.

Scott Corson at the finish to the 2004 Miami Key largo Race

Scott Corson and Sebastian Lewis

Dick Russell and Jane Hawkins

Second Place finishers Bill Stolberg and Dave martin

Winners Dick and Jane

Cat44 Club takes first 3 trophies - from l-r Tracee and  Scott Corson (3rd), Dick Russell and Jane Hawkins (1st), Willie Stolberg and Dave Martin (2nd)

Dick and Jane get what they came for - First Place and bottles of Rum!

2004 Tradewinds Regatta

The Cat44 entourage ready to race at the annual Tradewinds Regatta

2nd place finishers Scott and Tracee Corson

3rd place finishers Hunter Fry and Kim Grummit

Winners of the Youth Class, Sebastian Lewis and James Martin

Tradewinds Regatta 2003

tradewinds-regatta-2003-02.jpg (110891 bytes)

Bill Stolberg, James Martin, Sebastian Lewis keep warm before the start of the Tradewinds Regatta, 2003

tradewinds-regatta-2003-01.jpg (84414 bytes)

Sebastian and James set out to race the Tradewinds Regatta, 2003

tradewinds-regatta-2003-03.jpg (95476 bytes)

James and Sebastian getting ready for their big race, Tradewinds Regatta, 2003

tradewinds-regatta-2003-05.jpg (53501 bytes)

Start of one of the races, Tradewinds, Regatta, 2003

tradewinds-regatta-2003-04.jpg (106989 bytes)

Family fun in the bar trying to get warm, Tradewinds Regatta, 2003

Miami to Key Largo 2002

miami-key-largo-2002-03.jpg (106290 bytes)

Mark Jones and Gail Rohrer on target for 2nd place finish

miami-key-largo-2002-01.jpg (99445 bytes)

Scott and Tracee Corson drifting towards a 6th place finish in the fickle winds - Miami to Key Largo 2002

miami-key-largo-2002-02.jpg (110148 bytes)

Hunter Fry and Amy Klash on their way to an uncharacteristic 9th


miami-key-largo-2002-04.jpg (108323 bytes)

Bill Stolberg leads Mark Jones - Miami to Key Largo 2002

miami-key-largo-2002-05.jpg (117721 bytes)

Bill Stolberg sailing towards a 3rd place finish - Miami to Key Largo 2002

Delray Drag Race 2002

danny-stacey.jpg (85167 bytes)

Danny Steyn and Stacey Tinsley after winning Delray Drag Race, 2002

Midwinters 2001

tradewinds03.jpg (41330 bytes)

Danny Steyn and "Hamba Kahle" at Midwinters, 2001

Tradewinds Regatta 2000

tradewinds-regatta-2002-01.jpg (86724 bytes)

tradewinds-regatta-2002-02.jpg (32597 bytes)

Stunning water color for the start of a race at the Tradewinds Regatta 2000

tradewinds-regatta-2002-03.jpg (69251 bytes)

Scott and Tracee all bundled up heading out for the start of the Tradewinds Regatta 2000

Hobie Nationals 1999

1999-hobie-16-nationals.jpg (54611 bytes)

Hobie Nationals, 1999

Photo Lee Mullins

Devils Triangle Regatta 1977

devils-triangle-02-1997.jpg (89713 bytes)

Cat 44 Crew at Devils Triangle Regatta 1997

devils-triangle-1997.jpg (112581 bytes)

Cat 44 Crew at Devils Triangle Regatta 1997

devils-triangle-03-1997.jpg (86700 bytes)

Second Place finishers, Mark and Lynn Jones

Jetty Park Ocean Regatta 1997

jetty-park-1997-03.jpg (101620 bytes)

Cat44 Crew and friends in full Social Mode - Jetty park Ocean Regatta 1997

jetty-park-1997-04.jpg (115554 bytes)

Cat44 Crew prior to the start of the regatta

jetty-park-1997-05.jpg (58240 bytes)

Victor and Pat 

jetty-park-1997-02.jpg (113295 bytes)

Cat44 brings home the spoils - Scott and Tracee Corson win the Hobie 16's, mark and Lynn Jones are 2nd, Willie and Colleen Stolberg finish 6th, and Terri Lusk finishes 7th in the Hobie 17 fleet

jetty-park-1997.jpg (103898 bytes)

Proud 2nd place finishers Mark and Lynn Jones with their plaque -

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