Cat 44 Sailors Past and Present

Cat44 boasts an incredible mix of characters which makes our Sundays all the more enjoyable - here are just some of our cast of wonderful characters past and present. Please send your photos with captions as well as all tall stories to  

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2005 Photos

 Memorial Day  2005 (Terry Lusk) Party Boat - Memorial Day 2005 (Terry Lusk) Party Boat - Memorial Day 2005 (Terry Lusk) Party Boat - Memorial Day 2005 (Terry Lusk)  
2004 Photos

Cat 44 Fleet of Hobie Cat 16s ready for the Easter Races

Tom scores a hot date!

Cat44 die-hards pose with the Easter Bunny

Katie Martin and Willie Stolberg heading to the beach at full speed

Natalie, Katie and Ashley - Easter Egg Hunt Winners

Early Morning Easter Egg Hunt

Egg Toss

Boys with marshmallows ready for action

Get them in there guys and hurry back for more!

Lorraine busting out!

Champion Stuffer Dave and Lorraine

Seb checking out his folks yet again!

Mikey Moss

Doug styling new eyewear

Thanks to Debbie and Johnny and all who put on such a great show

Ashley Easter Egg Hunt queen

Cat44 Club - what a life!

Cutie Pie Kim, even if I say so myself!

Matching straw hats for Scott and Tracey

2003 Photos

Lynn scaring the hell out of Mark!

Dick does chickens chicken too!

Willie steals Katie, the lightest crew on the beach.

Robin adjusting his harness - at least we hope its his harness he's adjusting!


hobie44.jpg (41461 bytes)

Dick Russell teaching Danny how to do it.

Photo Steve Schustack

hobie-race-01.jpg (56929 bytes)

Labor Day Race 2003 - despite a mile wide starting line Bill Stolberg and Hunter insist on fighting over the same 5ft of ocean!

The Cat44 boys - Chris, Scott, Steve, Bob, Danny, Robin, Willie, Dave, Mark and Seb.

Willie and Katie head out to get their asses kicked

Mark, Dave, Willie and Robin, still adjusting!

cat44-crew-sept-2003.jpg (115253 bytes)

Cat44 Sailors - Sept 2003

beach-day01.jpg (60252 bytes)

Sunday Races - Sept 2003

dick-got-game.jpg (99502 bytes)

You gotta hand it to him - Dick got game!

amy-klash-01.jpg (78734 bytes)

The beautiful Amy Klash

Stolberg-Hobie.jpg (115093 bytes)

Willie Stolberg rigging his Hobie Photo Ron Kern

danny-over.jpg (93337 bytes)

There's always one in every fleet!

Danny throwing it away - again!

mast-bend.jpg (102579 bytes)

Technical Tip # 2 - Mast Straightening 101

hobie-launch.jpg (75543 bytes)

beautiful backlit beach launch

cat-44-flag.jpg (97397 bytes)

Cat44 flag flying proudly with the Stars and Strips

PC_137_058.jpg (128916 bytes)

Cat44 Hobies lined up on Fort Lauderdale Beach

Photo Phillip Coblentz

hobie-16-ngilandele-01.jpg (109686 bytes)

Friends gather for the christening of "Ngilandele", Danny's new Hobie, August 2003

hobie-16-ngilandele-02.jpg (83081 bytes)

Ngilandele with her crisp new sail colors, 2003

danny-and-katie-01.jpg (86025 bytes)

Danny and Katie Littel, newest fearless crew! 

flipper-01.jpg (73024 bytes)

Yup, you were right - it didn't take him long to wash his sails and scare his new crew away!

Flipper - Day 1!

danny-and-kim-06.jpg (83804 bytes)

Danny and Kim after one too many champagne toasts.

tom-klash-03.jpg (69362 bytes)

Tom Klash puts an end to frivolous photography!

alexis-01.jpg (94209 bytes)

The beautiful Alexis - a bundle of fun!

robin-and-sally-01.jpg (116976 bytes)

Robin and a very healthy looking Sally

robin-01.jpg (76664 bytes)

Robin loving life on Fort Lauderdale beach

eric-01.jpg (82404 bytes)

Eric in his Sunday pose, 2003

don-01.jpg (84799 bytes)

Don Balthauser and Steffi Schiffer, 2003  

bob-shell-04.jpg (92175 bytes)

Bob and Leanne Shell, 2003

packet-margarita-02.jpg (107005 bytes)

Packet Casey and Margarita, 2003

stacey-luccia-01.jpg (76667 bytes)

Stacey Tinsley and Lucia, 2003

ed-katie-jeanne-01.jpg (77629 bytes)

Jeanne and Katie with Ed Meier, 2003

dick-russel-cooking-01.jpg (119199 bytes)

"The best hot dogs on the beach are Dicks!" 2003

bill-larraine-01.jpg (84653 bytes)

Bill Clark, Lorraine and Katie Martin, 2003

hunter-kelley-01.jpg (108092 bytes)

Hunter Fry and Kelley, 2003


bob-shell-05.jpg (74784 bytes)

Bob Shell, relaxed and in the groove, 2003

dick-russell-03.jpg (64988 bytes)

Dick Russell in fine form, 2003

dave-martin-01.jpg (77885 bytes)

Dave Martin ready to sail his new boat, 2003

dick-russell-04.jpg (65363 bytes)

Dick Russell in new headgear, 2003

james-martin-01.jpg (78708 bytes)

James Martin, 2003

kate-01.jpg (86075 bytes)

Katie Martin with her best friend, 2003

kelley-01.jpg (75125 bytes)

Kelley ready to race with Hunter, 2003

kevin-hansen-01.jpg (67689 bytes)

Kevin "The Man" Hansen, 2003

laraine-kate-01.jpg (89582 bytes)

Katie and Lorraine Martin, 2003

margarita-01.jpg (86397 bytes)

Margarita, newest talent on the beach, 2003

tom-klash-02.jpg (83620 bytes)

Tom Klash in relaxing mode, 2003

packet-kitesurf-02.jpg (100990 bytes)

Packet coming back after kitesurfing, 2003

steve-03.jpg (104581 bytes)

Steve Maffetone and Steffi Schiffer, 2003


packet-margarita-01.jpg (102540 bytes)

Packet and Margarita, 2003

packet-kitesurf-03.jpg (98565 bytes)

Packet checking out the kitesurfing action, 2003

stacey-tinsley-01.jpg (80608 bytes)

The beautiful and happy Stacey, 2003

sebastion-01.jpg (79453 bytes)

Sebastian Lewis heads up the new kids on the block, 2003

ft-lauderdale-skim-boarders.jpg (64338 bytes)

Cat44 Skim Boarders Katie Martin, Chris Summers and Lois, 20003

006_3.jpg (70046 bytes)

Scot and Tracee Corson, 2003

lala-ngonhlane-02.jpg (80212 bytes)

The Martins and Danny toast the the transfer of their new boat, Lala Ngonhlane, 2003

lala-ngonhlane-06.jpg (87382 bytes)

Katie and James Martin with David and their new boat, Lala Ngonhlane, 2003

teamwork-01.jpg (74361 bytes)

Teamwork makes launching easy, 2003

034_31.JPG (81353 bytes)

Danny Steyn on "Lala Ngonhlane",  2003

Photo Scott Corson


026_23.JPG (58194 bytes)

Hunter Fry and Danny Steyn crossing paths, 2003 

Photo Scott Corson


028_25.JPG (60568 bytes)

Hunter Fry - Fort Lauderdale, 2003.

Photo Scott Corson



035_32.JPG (76083 bytes)

Tom Klash- Fort Lauderdale, 2003

Photo Scott Corson