Cat44 Race Photo Gallery

The idea of this page is to create a photographic history of the Cat44 Club members endeavors and achievements in Catamaran races around the country. Please supply your photos with captions and dates. We welcome submissions from Cat 44 club members and all sailing fans. To send your own photos & articles, click our photo & article Submission Form

Commodores Cup 2002

commodores-cup-2002-04.jpg (113850 bytes)

Getting ready for the start of the 2002, Commodores Cup

commodores-cup-2002-03.jpg (112648 bytes)

Pre Race Photo Opportunity, Commodores Cup 2002

commodores-cup-2002-01.jpg (94566 bytes)

Hobie 16's all lined up and ready for the CUP, 2002

commodores-cup-2002-02.jpg (98684 bytes)

Bill Stohlberg and Sebastian Lewis get launched skyward at the start.

hobie-16-dismasted.jpg (118695 bytes)

Bob and Hawk with their dismasted Jabula Manzi, Commodores Cup 2002

gail-and-mark-03.jpg (102573 bytes)

Gail and Mark - Winners of the Commodores Cup 2002

gail-and-mark-02.jpg (102595 bytes)

Gail and Mark - Winners of the Commodores Cup 2002

gail-and-mark.jpg (102151 bytes)

Gail and Mark - Winners of the Commodores Cup 2002

post-race-party-2002.jpg (100301 bytes)

Wonderful post race party courtesy Bill and Colleen Stolberg

Commodores Cup 2001

01CCup1Cat44.jpg (22845 bytes)

Cat44 Sailors at 

Commodores Cup 2001

Commodores Cup 2000

Commodores Cup 1999

kim-danny-commodores-cup-99.jpg (141461 bytes)

Danny and Kim handing over the Commodores cup at the start of the 1999 Race

mike-danny-commodores-cup-99.jpg (95815 bytes)

Mike Bradley and Danny Steyn at the start of the 1999 Commodores Cup

Commodores Cup 1998

danny-kim-jabula-manzi.jpg (94098 bytes)

Danny and Kim prior to 1998 Commodores Cup

danny-kim-commodores-cup-1998-02.jpg (66429 bytes)

Danny and Kim winning the Commodores Cup 1998

danny-kim-commodores-cup-1998-03.jpg (102297 bytes)

Kim shedding tears of relief after the race, 1998

danny-kim-commodores-cup-1998.jpg (71000 bytes)

Danny and Kim - proud owners of the Commodores Cup 1998!

Commodores Cup 1997

danny-kim-commodores-cup-1997.jpg (79069 bytes)

Danny and Kim before the start of the 1997 Commodores Cup

bob-commodores-cup-1997.jpg (72784 bytes)

Bob Shell, Commodores Cup 1997

hunter-commodores-cup-1997.jpg (76231 bytes)

Hunter Fry, Commodores Cup, 1997