Parking your car and your boat at Fort Lauderdale Beach

Parking your car at Fort Lauderdale beach

When you arrive at Fort Lauderdale South beach you will see the South beach public parking. This parking is metered at $1.75 per hour. You can offload your Hobie cat and its contents on the boat ramp and then park your car at this lot. It starts filling up early on Sundays, and especially on Public Holidays.

Special beach parking Permit for Fort Lauderdale Residents

Fort Lauderdale Residents can obtain a special parking permit that entitles them to free parking at the beaches

Full details can be found here at  

Offloading your Hobie Cat at Fort Lauderdale beach

There is a public boat ramp and offloading sport for sailing craft only at Fort Lauderdale beach. This wooden ramp is prone to splintering so beware!

You are allowed 30 minutes to offload your boat and trailer and then you have to move your car and park it elsewhere. If you leave it unattended on the boat ramp it will be ticketed.

You can push your trailer off the wooden boat ramp and leave it there for the day, until its time to pack up and remove your Hobie Cat

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Permanent Hobie Cat Parking on Fort Lauderdale beach

You can obtain an annual beach parking permit for your Hobie Cat or other beach catamaran. This will entitle you to leave your Hobie parked on Fort Lauderdale South Beach. There are only approximately 15 spots, and there is typically a waiting list for these permits.

Contact Carol Clifford at the The Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex at 501 Seabreeze Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, 33316 - Phone 954 828-4583



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