Hobie 16 Hull Flying Challenge

How long can you keep it up - that's the burning questions!

Want to see your photo in the gilded frame below. Well now is your chance!

Seeing as how I get to put this web site together, and seeing as how I live to push the limits on my Hobie 16, I am issuing a challenge to all Hobie 16 sailors out there


Current Hobie 16 

Hull Flying King

Time: 4 mins 48 Secs

Date: August 3rd, 2003

Witnesses: Bill Clark, Dick Russell, Robin Lewis, Dave Martin and others

You see, they call me "Flipper" at Cat44, as I spend more time upside down in the water than I do sailing. I even named my boat "Lala Ngonhlane" which is Zulu for "lie down on your back"! (lets just say the name works on many levels!)

So as you can tell I do like to fly my hulls! So my challenge to all you Hobie 16 hull flyers out there is as follows. 

Cat44 is looking to crown the Hobie 16 Hull Flying King. 

This goes out to all hobie 16 sailors all over the world. 

  • The person who flies the hull of their Hobie 16 the longest without the windward hull making any contact with the water, will be crowned Hobie 16 Hull Flying King, until such time he or she is dethroned.

  • The king or Queen will get to have their photo in the gilded frame alongside, until such time as they are dethroned.

  • To qualify you have to have a registered member of your sailing club certify your flying time. 

  • The attempt must be done in full view of the witnesses, so they can easily observe the attempt.

  • The witnesses are responsible for the time keeping, not the hull flyer!

  • No part of the windward hull may touch the water, but the windward rudder can make contact. 

Submit your Hull flying times to being sure to list your name, the date of the effort, the time flown and the name of the club member witnessing the effort.

Hobie 16 Hull Flying Gallery

steve-hull-fly-02.jpg (81051 bytes)

Steve out honing his hull flying skills, 2003

hunter-hull-fly-02.jpg (84797 bytes)

Hunter showing good form, 2003

danny-hull-fly-09.jpg (77577 bytes)

Danny Steyn in his favorite position, 2003

steve-hull-fly-01.jpg (93834 bytes)

Steve Maffetone at full cry, 2003

danny-hull-fly-08.jpg (79734 bytes)

Danny Steyn loving life, 2003

034_31.JPG (81437 bytes)

Danny in typical form aboard Lala Ngonhlane 2003

026_23.JPG (69009 bytes)

Danny and Hunter approaching on opposite tacks, 2003

danny-hull-fly-01.jpg (68070 bytes)

Danny at the balance point, Lower Keys, 1997

sebastion-hull-fly-01.jpg (102345 bytes)

Sebastian chasing the

sebastion-leads-danny-hunter.jpg (82962 bytes)

Sebastian flies the hull ahead of Danny and Hunter, 2003