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Hobie 16 National and International Race Notices

Hobie 16 2004 World Championships

Hobie 16 2003 World Championships

Hobie 16 2003 Continentals (USA)

Hobie 16 2003 European Championships

Hobie 16 2003 South African Championships

Hobie 16 National and International Race Results

2003 Hobie 16 Pan AM Games, Dominican Republic 

2002 Hobie 16 Worlds - Noumea - New Caledonia 

2002 Philippine Nationals

2000 Hobie 16 Worlds Guadeloupe 

1998 Hobie 16 Continentals

Hobie 16 Forums and Discussion Lists

Hobie 16 Forum at Hobie Cat

Hobie 16 Forum at Catsailor

Hobie 16 Forum at Fleet 238

International Hobie Cat Fleets

Hobie Fleet 183 Ontario Canada

Hobie Fleet 325 Netherlands 

Hobie Fleet 386 Channel Islands 

Hobie Fleet 841 Denmark 

Hobie Fleet 929 Saudi Arabia


Hobie Cat Divisions

Hobie Cat Division 1  Hawaii
Hobie Cat Division 2   S. California, S. Nevada, Arizona
Hobie Cat Division 3  N. California, N. Nevada
Hobie Cat Division 4  Idaho, Montana, Oregon Washington and W. Canada
Hobie Cat Division 5 New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming Colorado W. Nebraska, S. Dakota
Hobie Cat Division 6 Texas
Hobie Cat Division 7 Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, N. Dakota, N. Kansas, S. Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, C. Canada
Hobie Cat Division 8 Florida
Hobie Cat Division 9 Georgia, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, E. Tennessee, S. Virginia
Hobie Cat Division 10 Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Canada
Hobie Cat Division 11 New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, DC
Hobie Cat Division 12 Massachusetts, Connecticut,  New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Quebec, Nova Scotia Canada
Hobie Cat Division 13 Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Mexico, El Salvador, Belize
Hobie Cat Division 14 Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas
Hobie Cat Division 15 Florida panhandle, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee
Hobie Cat Division 16 New York, Pennsylvania, Ontario Canada


Official Hobie Cat Associations

International Hobie Cat Association

Australian Hobie Cat Association

British Hobie Cat Class Association

Denmark Hobie Class Association

European Hobie Class Association 

German Hobie Cat Association 

Hong Kong Hobie Cat Association 

Italian Hobie Cat Association 

Netherlands Hobie Cat Association 

New Zealand Hobie Cat Association 

Norwegian Hobie Cat Association

North American Hobie Cat Association 

Philippine Hobie Cat Association 

South African Hobie Cat Association 

Swedish Hobie Cat Association

Hobie Cat Fleets North America

Hobie Fleet     2  CA  

Hobie Fleet     3  CA

Hobie Fleet     4  CA 

Hobie Fleet   10   IO   

Hobie Fleet   20  CA  

Hobie Fleet   23  TX  

Hobie Fleet   32   TX   

Hobie Fleet   32   VA  

Hobie Fleet   44   FL        

Hobie Fleet   45   FL 

Hobie Fleet   48   NM  

Hobie Fleet   51   NV

Hobie Fleet   54   MD  

Hobie Fleet   61   CO  

Hobie Fleet   62   CA

Hobie Fleet   66   AZ 

Hobie Fleet   80   FL

Hobie Fleet   84   IA 

Hobie Fleet   91   NC

Hobie Fleet   97   NC  

Hobie Fleet 100   NC  

Hobie Fleet 106   DE  

Hobie Fleet 134   TN

Hobie Fleet 136   CT  

Hobie Fleet 137   NJ  

Hobie Fleet 153   FL

Hobie Fleet 154   NE  

Hobie Fleet 159   IL    

Hobie Fleet 191   NC 

Hobie Fleet 192   NE   

Hobie Fleet 196   GA   

Hobie Fleet 204   NY 

Hobie Fleet 238 NY   

Hobie Fleet 240 CA  

Hobie Fleet 250 NJ  

Hobie Fleet 295 NY 

Hobie Fleet 400 OH 

Hobie Fleet 416 PA 

Hobie Fleet 443 NJ

Hobie Fleet 448 RI   

Hobie Fleet 466 PA  

Hobie Fleet 519 MI   

Hobie Fleet 535 WA


  Other HOBIE 16 Links

Hobie 16 Langebaan Beach Cats - West Coast of South Africa