Hobie 16 Sailing Tips, Tuning Tips and Repair Tips

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Hobie 16 Sailing Tips

Hobie 16 Sailing Tips

Safety First

Hobie 16 sailing instructions from Hobie Cat 

How to Tack a Hobie 16

How to sail your Hobie 16 downwind

How to Sail your Hobie 16 upwind

How to set your Hobie 16 sail trim

How to right your Hobie 16 

Basic ISF Racing Rules for Hobie 16 Cat Racing

Racing Tips by Mark Johnson 

On the Wire Catamaran sailing Magazine Archives

Hobie 16 Tuning Tips

Hobie 16 Tuning Tips

How to set the mast rake on a Hobie 16

How to set the Weather Helm on your Hobie 16 rudders

Setting Weather Helm on your Hobie 16 (part 2)

Hobie 16 Rudder Rake - Raking your Hobie 16 Rudders

Eliminating Rudder Hum on your Hobie 16

Hobie 16 Tuning Guide by Roth and Monfret

How to Reeve your Hobie 16 6:1 Harken Blocks

How to remove SLOP in your Hobie 16 rudders

How to tighten the Tramp on your Hobie 16

How to tighten your Hobie 16 Tramp (2)

Hobie 16 Repair Tips

Hobie 16 Repair Tips

Epoxy to stiffen a worn Hobie 16

How to repair Small Dings in your Hobie 16 Hulls

How to fix the Hobie 16 Hull Bottoms

How to repair Hobie 16 Hull Delamination

How to rebuild the hobie 16 Rudder Cams

Why you mustn't loose the hobie 16 Mast Chip

Restoring worn Hobie 16 Rudder Castings

Hobie 16 Forum

Hobie 16 Sailing Forum

Hobie 16 Forum at Catamaran Sailor magazine