Hobie Mid-Winters East Regional Championships


Tribute to the World Hobie 16 Champions

This page is a tribute to the past Hobie 16 World Champions and will hopefully inspire the "young guns" of Cat44 to take their sailing to the next level


15th Hobie 16 Worlds, Marseille France


1 Gavin Colby - Simone Mattfield - AUS
2 Mitch Booth - Taylor Booth - NED
3 Thibaut Vauchel-Camus - Matheas Lassnig -FRA


14th Hobie 16 Worlds, Guadeloupe


1 Herve Bride/Thierry Bride-TAH
2 Claude Theillier/Lawrence Imbert-FRA
3 Francis Morvan/Matthieu Vandame-FRA


13th Hobie 16 Worlds, Airlie Beach, Australia


1st Blaine Dodds/Steve Arnold-RSA
2nd Michael Butler/Linda de Bievre/Liz Wardley-AUS
3rd Brett Dryland/Tracy Woods-AUS


11th Hobie 16 Worlds, Dubai UAE


1st Claudio Cardoso/Frederico Monteiro- BRA
2nd William/Lucinda Edwards-RSA
3rd Aaron Worrall/David Sylvester-AUS


10th Hobie 16 Worlds, Huatulco, Mexico


1st Aaron Worrall/David Sylvester-AUS
2nd Claudio Cardoso/Frederico Monteiro-BRA
3rd Shaun Ferry/Alison Lewis-RSA


9th Hobie 16 Worlds, Guadeloupe FWI


1st Shaun Ferry/Shelly Polson-RSA
2nd Claudio Cardoso/Frederico Monteiro-BRA
3rd Carlton Tucker/Ann Marie Avaling-USA


8th Hobie 16 Worlds, Langebaan, South Africa


1st David Kry/ M van der Merve-RSA
2nd Blain Dodds-RSA

3rd Edwards-RSA


7th Hobie 16 Worlds, Scheveningen, Holland


 1st Gary Metcalf/Brian Miers-AUS
2nd Jeff Alter-USA
3rd Alan Egusa-USA


6th Hobie 16 Worlds, Suva, Fiji


1st Gary Metcalf-AUS
2nd Enrique Figeroa-PUR
3rd Jeff Alter-USA


5th Hobie 16 World's, Fort Walton Beach, FL


 1st Garry Metcalf/Chris Metcalf-AUS
2nd Brett Dryland-AUS
3rd Ian Bashford-AUS


4th Hobie 16 Worlds, Papeete, Tahiti


1stHobie Alter Jr/Patty McGuire- USA
2nd Blain Dodds-RSA
3rd Brett Dryland-AUS


 3rd Hobie 16 Worlds, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands


1st Brett Dryland/Jason Hardman-AUS
2nd Blain Dodds-RSA
3rd Enrique Figueroa-PUR


2nd Hobie 16 Worlds, South Padre Island, TX


1st Mick Whithead/Colin Whitehead-RSA
2nd Russ Eddington-USA
3rd Dean Froome-USA


1st Hobie 16 Worlds, Honolulu, Hawaii


1st Dean Froome/John Driscoll-USA
2nd Richard Loufek/Jeff Canepa-USA
3rd Harold Hutchings-USA