Join Cat44 Catamaran Sailing Club

We are always looking for new members to come and join our small and intimate club. 

You don't have to be a catamaran racer, you don't even have to have sailed before. We welcome anyone who enjoys the social beach scene interspersed with sailing. 

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For the most part it is pretty much very relaxed beach scene for young kids, teenagers and adults alike. 

Dick Russell brings out the faithful hot dog grill at midday and feeds the masses (what would we do without him) and then the fun starts!

Most of our time on the beach is spent socializing - the young guns keep us on out toes getting us out for a couple or three races every Sunday. 

Cat44 membership fees are only $15 per annum and the money is used to buy food, organize races and generally keep our club running smoothly.


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Bring your $20 to the beach, or mail it to Tom Klash, 2404 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood FL 33020