Kitesurfing in Fort Lauderdale at South Beach

Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Chris Kjos and Neil Hutchinson, the kitesurfing level at Fort Lauderdale's South beach is of the highest standard.

Local standouts include Chris and Neil as well as Wolf Serrer, Lou Simmons, Tom, Hamish, Dimitri, Scott and a whole host of excellent kitesurfers

chris01.jpg (137092 bytes)

Chris Kjos, kitesurfing pioneer  and KitesurfUSA

chris02.jpg (130934 bytes)

Chris in full flight off Fort Lauderdale beach

lou01.jpg (356288 bytes)

Lou Simmons form South Africa - excellent wakeboarder turned kitesurfer

neil01.jpg (97831 bytes)

Neil Hutchinson, KitesurfUSA kitesurfing instructor

lou-cover 01.jpg (774847 bytes)

Lou Simmons on the cover of Florida Sports magazine

miami01.jpg (122114 bytes)

Oliver, Neil and friend


wolf-01.jpg (51060 bytes)

Wolf Serrer gaining altitude


neil02.jpg (117062 bytes)

Neil doing what he does best

kurt01.jpg (330388 bytes)

Kurt tweaked at South Beach

neil04.jpg (142990 bytes)

Neil pulling a hangman at South Beach

paul+monique01.jpg (87121 bytes)

Impressing the beach spectators

lou02.jpg (143515 bytes)

Lou Simmons at Fort Lauderdale South Beach


kurt02.jpg (190251 bytes)

Kurt edging upwind.


pm003.jpg (52282 bytes)

Kitesurfing in paradise


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