Windsurfing in Fort Lauderdale at South Beach

Despite what you might have heard, windsurfing in Fort Lauderdale South beach is still very much alive and well. 
The advent of the Formula Board has dropped the planing threshold to under 10 knots and the core group of Fort Lauderdale windsurfers can be seen blazing by with barely a ripple on the waters surface. Of course, when the wind picks up every one grabs their wave gear and heads up to 16th St pompano for a serious wave session in some of the best conditions in the South East.

Formula Windsurfing Action

windsurf-fort-lauderdale-01.jpg (51523 bytes)

Antonio Esteban launching his formula board of Hobie Beach Fort Lauderdale

Photo - Ron Kern

windsurf-fort-lauderdale-02.jpg (65761 bytes)

Antonio taking a rest in the water off Fort Lauderdale Beach 

Photo - Ron Kern


windsurf-fort-lauderdale-03.jpg (44900 bytes)


Photo - Ron Kern


windsurf-fort-lauderdale-04.jpg (57130 bytes)

Stunning afternoon backdrop

Photo - Ron Kern


windsurf-fort-lauderdale-06.jpg (50057 bytes)

Van rounding the "A" mark - the  Chiquita banana boat!

Photo - Ron Kern


windsurf-fort-lauderdale-05.jpg (53243 bytes)

Danny launching his picnic table off fort Lauderdale Beach

Photo - Ron Kern

windsurf-fort-lauderdale-07.jpg (61291 bytes)

Van flying the fin

Photo - Ron Kern


windsurf-fort-lauderdale-08.jpg (92675 bytes)

Ron Kern blasting away

Photo - Van


windsurf-fort-lauderdale-09.jpg (32195 bytes)


Photo - Ron Kern


danny+ron.jpg (101048 bytes)

Danny and Ron Training in the morning


ronkern04.jpg (207956 bytes)

Ron kern trying out new equipment

Van with Roberts Lake Mangonia.jpg (139992 bytes)

Van with his new Roberts Formula board

danny+antonio.jpg (246320 bytes)

Danny and Antonio training on their formula boards

bruno-danny-01.jpg (99133 bytes)

Danny and Bruno sailing together

sunset01.jpg (104835 bytes)

Late evening sunset action


img_9055.jpg (45186 bytes)

Rod blazing in impressing the locals

ronkern06.jpg (169533 bytes)

Ron Carving a gybe on his test rig

Van Danny Ron Lake Mangonia.jpg (160566 bytes)

The three Fort Lauderdale Formula pioneers, Danny, Van and Ron 

weather-girl.jpg (100018 bytes)

Colleen - Fort Cat44's hot weather babe!

Photo - Rod Pitt

amy02.jpg (54614 bytes)

There's something really beautiful about a cute girl on a board.

Wave Windsurfing Action

ron1.jpg (58377 bytes)

Ron getting ready to launch

durbanwaves03.jpg (148934 bytes)

Great Wave action like this doesn't happen too often

ron4.jpg (76466 bytes)

Ron blasting in on his wave board

rod-pitt-01.jpg (74447 bytes)

Rod Pitt blasting past the camera